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Preparing for a Trail Course

September 24, 2012

Preparing for your first time in trail doesn't require a lot of bling, just practice, practice, practice!


I need some advice. This will be my first AQHA show. How do I prepare for a trail course, and what should I expect? I am just a newbie on a pretty nice green horse. I don't have lots of bling bling clothes or tack and feel quite worried that I will be laughed at.

— Melissa Ryan Harris

For an answer, we turned to Patti Carter-Pratt, AQHA executive director of shows.


No one will laugh at you. We all have to start somewhere. Bling doesn't make your horse show better.

When you get to the show, find a copy of the trail course and memorize it. Watch some of the exhibitors that you know are more experienced to see how they ride the course and their approach.

At home before the show, practice your buy steroids online with credit card

ng>upward and downward transitions, slow work (i.e., backups, side passes and the gate), and walking, jogging and loping over a series of poles. If you haven't practiced this before, start with one pole, then two, until you build up to four poles. You can look in the 2012 AQHA rulebook for the measurements between the poles and other rules of the class.

Good luck!

AQHA Executive Director of Shows Patti Carter-Pratt

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