Quarter Horse Coat Colors

Add this 12-part series on the equine genetics of coat colors to your library.

Download your copy!
Download your copy!

Can you name all 17 recognized American Quarter Horse colors? Could you pick each of them out in a pasture full of horses? Better yet, do you know how each color is genetically derived?

Get answers to all your coat color questions with AQHA’s Quarter Horse Coat Colors report. This full-color, 20-page report is packed with easy-to-understand information about all 17 recognized colors.

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In Quarter Horse Coat Colors, you’ll enjoy these topics and many more:

  • Coat color genetics overview
  • Color terms
  • The most common coat color modifier that makes bay horses.
  • How to pinpoint a gray horse
  • The cream dilution that creates palominos, buckskins and other highly sought-after horse colors
  • The dun coloration and why it’s more than a dorsal stripe
  • Two rare colorations known as champagne and silver
  • Sootiness, flaxen, countershading and other color modifiers that create unique appearances
  • White markings
  • The many shades clasified as roan
  • Rabicano or skunk tail
  • The controversial pinto markings
  • Bend-Or spots, brindling and other unique markings
  • How to classify a horse as white

Free Bonus!

Plus, you’ll get a bonus article on the incredible genetic circumstance that creates a one-in-a-million coat pattern – the brindle. Only 25 American Quarter Horses have exhibited some form of the brindle coat pattern. The pattern might be linked to the rare phenomenon of chimerism, when an individual is formed from two different cell lines and possesses two different DNA types.

The valuable Quarter Horse Coat Colors report is a great addition to any horse lover’s library, and it’s an excellent resource for breeders who aspire to breed for certain colors.

Order your copy of Quarter Horse Coat Colors today. You can download it immediately and print it off in full color. Or, save it to your computer for future reading.

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