Ranch Pleasure Show Attire

Showing in ranch pleasure requires clean, well-fitted working equipment for your horse and clean, neat attire for you.

When it comes to ranch pleasure, dress “ranchy” good!


I am going to show in ranch pleasure and was wondering what the proper show attire is for the class? I used to show pleasure and horsemanship, but switched over to reining last year. I know it is a new class and had no idea what I should wear.

For the answer to this question, we spoke to AQHA Executive Director of Shows Patti Carter-Pratt.


Ranch pleasure is becoming an extremely popular class! It is a perfect class to show your reiner in to “mix up” his routine when he enters the arena.

I would keep your attire “ranchy” good, with clean, well-fitted working equipment for your horse. For yourself, wear a well-shaped hat, starched shirt, starched jeans and western boots. Chaps are not necessary. You could wear the chaps you use for reining or a pair of chinks. Clean, neat attire is all that is required.

Read the rules in the rulebook before you show, and have fun!

3 thoughts on “Ranch Pleasure Show Attire”

  1. Wow… a class where flashiness, sparkles, glitter, and obnoxiously bright colors don’t decide you’re placing? Sounds too good to be true. Every show I’ve been to in recent years, it seems that he/she who has the most expensive, flashy clothing and tack wins. When I started showing years ago, it really was all about the horse and rider. This ranch pleasure sounds like a class I could really get into. Any other information you can add about what is expected of the horse and rider? Gates, head sets, hand placements, seat?

  2. Would a sparkly belt be a fault in Ranch pleasure? I invested in a flashy belt this year and would be disappointed if this was not allowed, thanks.

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