Re-Breeding Your Mare

Evaluate the health of your mare after foaling before you plan to breed her again.

Evaluate the health of your mare after foaling before you plan to breed her again.


How soon after delivery can my mare be bred back to another stallion? What are the positives and negatives of breeding my mare soon after she foals?


Most mares that foal during the breeding season will come back into heat around day seven after foaling. This period is called their foal heat. The foal heat is a fertile cycle and can be a good time to re-breed her, as long as there were no major complications during foaling.

One pro to breeding her soon after foaling is getting your mare in foal earlier in the year.
Some issues that may complicate a foal-heat breeding would be trauma to the reproductive tract during foaling, retained placenta and complications from that, or excess fluid or debris that hasn’t been pushed out.

Sometimes there is added difficulty in retrieving an embryo from a bigger uterus on a foal-heat breeding before it returns to its normal size once again.

I encourage a full examination of the mare’s reproductive tract to look for any potential issues. While getting the mare checked out, this is also a great opportunity to have your foal examined as well.

— Dr. Semira Mancill, DVM, American Association of Equine Practitioners

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  1. Dear mr/mrs, my mare gave birth last Thursday. She is in top condition and I would like to re-breed from her. Today is the 7th day after foaling. Can I put her back into foal today or tomorrow or when is best? Thank you

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