Reining Basics with Craig Johnson DVD

Slide into the excitement of reining!

Craig Johnson, an AQHA World Champion reining exhibitor and leading money earner in the National Reining Horse Association, has had a profound impact on reining as a discipline.

Reining Basics with Craig Johnson” is a valuable addition to any horseman’s DVD library, whether you are a beginning horse enthusiast learning to ride or an accomplished rider polishing a performance reining horse for competition,  Craig has helpful “driving instructions” for you and your horse.

He demonstrates individual and combined use of four types of communication cues to the horse by his rider: bridle and rein cues, leg cues, body cues, and voice or sound cues.

Craig also discusses the psychology of the horse and benefits of “good confusion” in keeping your horse alert and thinking during a riding session. Any “mistakes” the horse may make are just opportunities, as Craig sees it, to help the horse (or rider) take another step in learning.

As the horse learns to move away from pressure, and as the rider learns how to engage and release pressure, Craig demonstrates how the working relationship between horse and rider softens, gets smoother and becomes increasingly responsive, until the cues are nearly invisible.

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