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Replacement vs. Duplicate Certificate

July 29, 2013

When to pick up the pieces and when to start from scratch.

AQHA has certain policies regarding lost or damaged registration certificates. And there’s a big difference between duplicating and replacing! The main difference is money. And we’re all looking for ways to save money these days. A replacement certificate requires the old certificate and a $15 fee. A duplicate certificate requires a form, pictures, current membership and a $30 fee. So when can you replace rather than duplicate?

A tale that comes to mind with regards to the need for a new certificate. An AQHA member called in, asking what steps she needed to take to receive a new registration certificate. You see, her dog had eaten her horse’s certificate – or most of it anyways. (Yes, it’s true!) This customer needed to submit a replacement request. The steps to correct/replace a registration certificate are listed below:

  • Don’t throw away what’s left of the certificate.
  • Make sure you can see either the horse’s registered name or number. (If not, you’ll need to file for a duplicate.)
  • Mail what’s left of your old certificate to AQHA with a $15 replacement fee. It’s also a good idea to include a note telling AQHA what needs to be done with the certificate.
  • A current AQHA membership is not required to file a certificate replacement request.

It’s that easy! Now, sometimes there’s no way around it. If your pooch swallowed all but the upper right-hand corner (we heartily request that you do not follow him around with a bucket afterwards…), you just cannot find that certificate or your brother-in-law came to visit and really needed kindling for the fireplace, then you need to file for a duplicate:

Both are just about as easy as they can be to accomplish, plus help you and AQHA keep records current! Have questions or a funny story about one of your horse’s papers? Share your story below.