Replacement vs. Duplicate Certificate

Find out the differences between a replacement AQHA registration certificate and a duplicate certificate.

Find out the differences between a replacement AQHA registration certificate and a duplicate certificate.

AQHA has certain policies regarding lost or damaged registration certificates. And there’s a big difference between duplicating and replacing! The main difference is money. And we’re all looking for ways to save money these days. A replacement certificate requires the old certificate and a $15 fee. A duplicate certificate requires a form, pictures, current membership and a $30 fee. So when can you replace rather than duplicate?

A tale that comes to mind with regards to the need for a new certificate. An AQHA member called in, asking what steps she needed to take to receive a new registration certificate. You see, her dog had eaten her horse’s certificate – or most of it anyways. (Yes, it’s true!) This customer needed to submit a replacement request. The steps to correct/replace a registration certificate are listed below:

  • Don’t throw away what’s left of the certificate.
  • Make sure you can see either the horse’s registered name or number. (If not, you’ll need to file for a duplicate.)
  • Mail what’s left of your old certificate to AQHA with a $15 replacement fee. It’s also a good idea to include a note telling AQHA what needs to be done with the certificate.
  • A current AQHA membership is not required to file a certificate replacement request.

It’s that easy! Now, sometimes there’s no way around it. For instance, if your dog swallowed all but the upper right-hand corner, if you just cannot find that certificate or if your brother-in-law came to visit and really needed kindling for the fireplace, then you need to file for a duplicate certificate.

How to File for a Duplicate AQHA Certificate

Both are just about as easy as they can be to accomplish, plus help you and AQHA keep records current! Have questions or a funny story about one of your horse’s papers? Share it with us on Facebook.

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  1. I had a wonderful horse that passed away 5 years ago. We miss him very much. I had lost his papers many years ago in a move, and now I would just like to have them, so I can show my children and grandchildren his bloodlines. How can I obtain a copy of his papers, just to have, since he has passed? I unfortunately did not take many pictures, as I was always busy doing other things with the kids and my horse, that I just didnt have time for pictures. What can I do?

  2. I have decided to sell a horse that was given to me 6 years ago. Papers were never transferred, I have tried to reach the previous owner and found out he has passed away. What do I need to do to get papers transfered to me?

  3. hi, i recently purchased a registered QH. we recieved the horse, the transfer papers,coggins neg, and his original cerificate for ur registry. but, the old owner kept a copy of the certificate and id like to know is there anyway he could use that copy to get an original back in his or someone elses name? i dont feel comfortable with a color copy of my horses papers that i just purchased! please let me know if anything what he or someone could possibly do with this copy? thank you

  4. A few months ago we had a break in and the people stole our horses registration papers. We called awhile back to see about getting new ones and they said they would send new ones in the mail, but we never recieved them.. What do we do now?

  5. I purchased a aqha horse, I need to transfer ownership. The owner listed on the papers is no longer a aqha member. Will there be a additional fee because of this? I will become a member when I transfer my mare.

  6. Last year I bought a horse from my friend. She gave me the papers on him but the papers are still in the guys name that she got the horse from. The problem is is that I can’t find the papers anywhere. What do I need to do?

  7. You need to contact your vet he made need atotbiinics it could give it to him or cause an ugly infection keep it clean and medicated salve. I would try to have that other or your horse moved away from each other they have to be blocked from reaching each other or it will continue some horses have dirty little habits they can’t kick. Put on the side of pen of other horse , rubb bar soap on the wood it sometimes repels.

  8. I need HELP PLEASE!….. Recently my mother purchased KIT KAT a 10 year old quarter horse from a Riding Ranch in Lansing Michigan. there wasn’t much info that came along with this purchase all we were told that she was purchased at a Auction in Indiana 2008-2010 ( they weren’t even sure )and its possible that she is a registered POA since her dam Snickers in registered. We have contacted the place where the auction took place but they said they don’t have records going that far back. I don’t have any idea about previous owners or the owners of her dam. How can I go about on trying to find out more information about Kit Kat and if she is registered not sure where to start and any help would be helpful. if anything PLEASE contact me at
    thank you and have a bless day

  9. I just got two new horses, both from the same owner. One.of.the horses papers are wrong though. They have the wrong ancestry listed. go.about fixing that??

  10. I purchased a new horse, deal was final back in apr of this yr. I was given his papers a while ago but just recently received the transfer papers. The original registration papers now cannot be located. I do however have a copy of them. Which is the best route to obtain a new set so I can complete the transfer? Please help.

  11. I have a reg QH mare that was given to me (I’m her Florida retirement home)from a woman in NY. I have the mare’s reg papers, medical history info, etc but the original owner passed away before we could change owner registration. What do I need to do to place the mare in my name?

  12. I got a question about papers. I baught a horse from my cousin. They told me that she was regestered but lost the paper work. They didnt tell me for sure exactly what breed she is. How would I go about gettingreg papers for her?

  13. I was just recently given a mare and the woman who gave her to me swore up and down that the mare is registered and has papers, but the mare’s original owner took off with the papers to New York and no one knows where she is at! How do I exactly do I find out if my horse is actually registered or not, when I only know her stall name?

  14. I have a few questions for you?? I guess lets get the hardest one out of the way.. I have a mare I bought in 2008 that was registered from a sale barn I looked at her papers once and filed them then several years later went to pull them out and finally transfer her into my name and they are gone I do not remember her reg name or number or even her date of birth previous owner or anything I do know her previous owner was her breeder and lived in the same town as the sale barn, is there anyway I can get her papers and get her transferred?? Second question, my second horse has not ever been transferred into my name however I have his name and number and his previous owner s name but I do not know where she lives or if she s alive So what do I do to get that ball rolling?? Thanks for your time Sarah…

  15. When in bought my gelding he had not been reg. yet, now I’m trying to sell him but I’ve miss placed the breeding certificate. What do I do to get a new one?

  16. Okay this is a long story but to make it short. My grandmother purchased a registered gypsy vanner and lived with my mother at the timeand she handled alll of the paperwork and when she registered the horse my mom put my grandmother s hprse in her name and put my grandma as co owner, thay was not suppose to be done that wayMy grandma is the legal owner! Now my granma has moved and my mother refuses to give my grandma her papers and her horse!how can i get her papers for her? Sorry about the typos my cell is noteasy for typing

  17. Hi! I am in the process of buying a stud colt who is a year old and the lady says his sire and dam were registered but she doesn’t know his bloodlines or anything. Is there any sort of DNA test that can find out that sort of thing these days? Thanks for any replies! 🙂

  18. good afternoon I write from Venezuela just bought a mare registered but this record is the former owner wandered this never made the transfer to your name I headed to the nursery where I was born and they signed the transfer of the information I send registration nr trasfer and doubled document everything in my name? porq the original record is misguidance. I am already registered aqha for life.

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