An America’s Horse Reunion

As the June issue hits mailboxes, we take a look back at some of the horsemen who have graced the magazine’s pages in the past.

As the June issue hits mailboxes, we take a look back at some of the horsemen who have graced the magazine’s pages in the past.  

Blake Schlosser on a freshly started colt at the Horsemen's Reunion. Journal photo.

Last month, as I prepared to attend the Horsemen’s Reunion in Paso Robles, California, I was excited about the chance to watch so many good horsemen starting colts under saddle. There’s nothing better than watching those young minds soak up so much knowledge, presented in such a way they can understand.

As I went down the list of horsemen who would be there starting colts, the “reunion” theme rang even truer. Many of these horsemen were longtime friends, as you can read more about in the June issue of America’s Horse. And, over the years, many of them have introduced to AQHA members in the pages of the Association’s membership publication, America’s Horse. For me, it was going to be a fun chance to re-introduce myself to people that I first met and did stories with as many as 10 years ago.  

It’s a great chance for you to meet them, too. After all, for some of them, it’s been a while:

  • Blake Schlosser and his Canadian ranching family were featured in the May 2003 America’s Horse in an article titled “Growing Up on the Rocking P.” The toddlers in that story are half grown now, but the family still centers its life around horses.
  • Thomas Saunders’ family has been ranching in Texas since 1850, and their story appeared in the May 2006 America’s Horse.
  • Aspermont, Texas, horseman Joe Wolter was featured in the magazine more recently, last December, when he offered advice on how to pick up the correct lead. When that story appeared on America’s Horse Daily, it was the most popular post of the month. Joe had previously written a training column for us.
  • Bryan Neubert of Alturas, California, has been featured in both America’s Horse and The American Quarter Horse Journal. Most recently, we featured Bryan and his wife, Patty’s, method of raising their children horseback in the story “Ranch Raised” that appeared in November.
  • Ty Van Norman’s family has been featured in the magazine several times, including this story, written after the Van Normans of Tuscarora, Nevada, won the AQHA-Pfizer Best Remuda Award for breeding excellent ranch horses. Ty’s late father, Bill, also wrote a series of stories about the time-honored vaquero training techniques.
  • AQHA Professional Horseman Pat Parelli is a two-time competitor at the Road to the Horse colt-starting competition, an event sponsored in part by AQHA that is covered extensively on America’s Horse Daily. In March, his son, Caton, galloped onto the cover of America’s Horse for a story that examined his progression from a very sick little boy who was predicted to never walk or talk to a young man who rides horses every day, shows extensively and loves to talk about his American Quarter Horses.
  • Martin Black is another Horsemen’s Reunion participant (one of its producers, actually) who has written training columns for America’s Horse. In 2005, we compiled a biographical piece on Martin, showing that his cowboy roots run as far back as the late 1800s, when his great-grandfather ran thousands of horses.
  • Chris Cox, also a producer of the Horsemen’s Reunion, is a three-time winner of Road to the Horse. Most recently, in the January issue of America’s Horse, we updated readers about the journey he’s continuing with his 2011 RTTH project, a gray gelding named Perfect Performance.

The America’s Horse staff takes pride in introducing readers to carefully selected real-deal horsemen, some of them famous, some of them not so much, but all a great hand with a horse. And although we present stories from our archives on America’s Horse Daily, you won’t want to miss what’s coming out in current issues of America’s Horse, which goes exclusively to AQHA members.

For instance, in the June issue of America’s Horse — besides the Horsemen’s Reunion story — you’ll find a really fun (if I do say so myself!) cover story on the first-ever AQHA Trail Challenge. It may just make you want to find a Trail Challenge near you! And here’s more:

  • The U.S. Army’s storied 1st Cavalry Horse Detatchment at Fort Hood, Texas, is carrying tradition forward with American Quarter Horses, and the soldiers find it fulfilling beyond belief.
  •  The Calgary Stampede is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and we take a look behind the scenes at one of its best traditions: the opening-day parade. Hollywood horse wrangler John Scott provides many of the horses for the parade, and he shares some of his secrets.
  • Baru Spiller is a ranch-horse competitor who truly embodies the headline on her story: “The Renaissance Cowgirl.” She’s a rancher, military veteran, silversmith, foundation Quarter Horse breeder and much more.
  • American Quarter Horses make another appearance on the Hallmark Channel when “Hannah’s Law” premieres June 9. You may not see them on any other cast list, but Leavin Alone and Badgers Mackelroy were two of the stars.

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