“Ride Around the World” DVD

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Ride Around the World DVDYou don’t want to miss the action packed “Ride Around the World” DVD about the history and evolution of equestrian cattle-working culture.

In this special edition, you can follow AQHA award winning TV series, America’s Horse TV, host Jeff Medders in a special behind the scenes bonus feature on the making of “Ride Around the World.”

Ride Around the World” is a stunning masterpiece originally produced for the I-max theatre. The new home edition DVD is engineered to maintain the high-quality large-film format characteristics with their stunning visual qualities.  This home version also includes bonus features on the making of “Ride Around the World.”

When you sit down to enjoy this documentary, be prepared to travel around the world to places such as:
• Africa
• Spain
• Mexico
• Argentina
• Chile
• United States
• Canada

The documentary film follows the history and evolution of cow horses and the people who ride them as it migrates from north Africa 1,200 years ago, to Spain, and into the new world. In Veracruz, Mexico, the viewer is introduced to charros and vaqueros, who developed the practice of roping and the gear commonly associated with cowboys today.

The trail then heads south to Argentina’s gauchos, and to Patagonia in Chile, with baqueaños gathering cattle from the icy mountainsides of the Torres del Paine. 

The movie also makes its way through the western United States and Canada, and throughout the film an ongoing story is segmented showing the daily life of Texas cowboys with the crew of the Four-Sixes Ranch — with its spread covering 500 square miles, 7,000 mother cows in its cow-calf operation, and a horse division that is world famous for producing high quality American Quarter Horses.

“The audiences who’ve seen the film so far,” says Jasper Winn, an Irish equestrian adventurer who helped coordinate sites for the film’s producers, “have been excited by it; it’s full of action – those risks we took putting the camera close in to galloping horses, and coming up with great riders who could pull off roping feats on screen or ride rodeo horses in the Mexican ‘jump of death’ right in front of the film crew paid off. And it’s full of surprises – the gauchos who ride barefoot and swim their horses and cattle for kilometers at a time across rivers and lagoons in Corrientes, the cavalry of Moroccan tribesmen laying siege to a wedding party in a Kasbah with black powder muskets or the dogs who help out the Canadian cattlemen in the Rockies.”

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