“Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horses” DVD

If you want to perform like a pro, let this DVD show you what the judges are looking for in hunter under saddle classes.

Order your copy of Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horses today!
Order your copy of "Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horses" today!

Hunter under saddle is a popular class at AQHA shows and one that requires a lot of preparation and a firm understanding of what judges base their decisions on. The “Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horses” DVD provides a wealth of information about what makes a good hunter under saddle horse. From conformation to temperament, this DVD covers a broad range of topics.

You will learn:

  • The kind of conformation that is most conducive to ideal hunter under saddle movement
  • The importance of temperament in and out of the show ring
  • The difference between rhythm and cadence
  • The origin of hunter under saddle classes
  • How to select a horse for hunter under saddle
  • The value a judge places on a horse that is functionally correct
  • What truly makes a horse a “free mover” and what constitutes a “flat knee”

The “Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horses” DVD will allow you to learn from the best. AQHA Professional Horsewomen Carla Wennberg and Leslie Lange point out, with step-by-step instructions, what they view as most important in a hunter under saddle horse, not just in movement but in conformation and expression. The judges also explain important concepts that are valuable outside the show ring, such as the relationship between conformation and long-term soundness and usability.

Stressed in the DVD are:

  • The importance of cadence
  • The relationship between conformation and quality of movement
  • Evenness of stride, and footfall
  • The value of a free-moving horse
  • Emphasis the judges place on a horse that can execute soft, smooth transitions
  • The importance of consistency in a horse’s speed and length of stride
  • The kind of conformational flaws that can detract from a horse’s performance

This DVD also gives you an inside look at what judges are seeing when they watch your horse in a class. Wennberg and Lange provide commentary on a class of hunter under saddle horses so you can see exactly why a judge makes certain decisions, and why he or she might place one horse over another.

Order your copy of “Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horses” today.

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