Showing to Win: Western Pleasure DVD

A must-have DVD to improve your success in western pleasure.

Get your copy today!

Get your copy today!

AQHA’s “Showing to Win: Western Pleasure” DVD is a comprehensive look at the standards for the western pleasure class.

Showing to Win: Western Pleasure” is geared for all western pleasure exhibitors, trainers and judges.

AQHA Professional Horseman and world champion exhibitor Dave Dellin and National Snaffle Bit Association Executive Director Dianne Eppers go through the basics of the expectations in the western pleasure discipline through the eyes of an AQHA or NSBA judge. The DVD covers topics such as over-canting, taking gaits in a timely manner, passing and more.

The DVD’s chapters are “Cadence and Rhythm,” “Consistency of Performance,” “Topline and Expression” and “Presentation.” It gives examples of the same horse presented in two different manners – credit-earning and noncredit-earning – and includes video clips from AQHA World Championship Show performances along with footage specially filmed for this project.

Through the generosity of The American Quarter Horse Journal, AQHA judges receive a free judge’s copy of the DVD for review.

“We think this DVD will be informative to help all western pleasure exhibitors, amateurs and professionals understand that correct presentation and showing by the rules of the class will enhance the performance of their horses and, ultimately, their final placing,” said Alex Ross, AQHA Executive Director of Judges. “We also hope it will help them to know the judges’ expectations. We think if the exhibitors understand how they will be judged, they’ll have a better understanding of how to correctly present their horses.”

AQHA and the National Snaffle Bit Association worked with some of the top-100 riders in the western pleasure discipline in the development of this DVD. In an opening montage, leading western pleasure trainers express their image of the ideal western pleasure horse.

Retailing at $24.95, AQHA members receive a $5 discount and can purchase the video for $19.95. AQHA and Quarter Horse Outfitters are donating a percentage of the proceeds to the AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Crisis Fund.

This DVD is the first in a series presenting the standards expected in AQHA’s most popular classes. Watch for more class DVDs in the Showing to Win series to be released by AQHA.

Get your copy of “Showing to Win: Western Pleasure” today! AQHA members get a special discount!

Need more convincing? Here’s more information on this incredible DVD.

“Showing to Win: Western Pleasure” illustrates the standards and provides you with the information you need to be successful in the western pleasure class. Using unique dual-screen and slow-motion technology, Showing to Win: Western Pleasure defines what judges are looking for in the western pleasure horse by showing correct and incorrect performances side-by-side.

For “Showing to Win: Western Pleasure,” AQHA teamed with the National Snaffle Bit Association to show you how to properly exhibit the western pleasure horse to conform to the rules and find success in this fundamental class.

With input from world champion exhibitors, judges and owners, Showing to Win: Western Pleasure is the one video that can show you what to do and what not to do in the arena.

The ways in which western pleasure horses are presented in the show ring is paramount to the success and perception of the class. Working together, judges and exhibitors can ensure that horses and exhibitors perform to the standards established in the rules and that western pleasure continues to be one of the most popular western performance classes.

You’ll see examples of correct and incorrect performances at all three gaits in four chapters:

  • Cadence and Rhythm
  • Consistency of Performance
  • Topline and Expression
  • Presentation

From beginners to seasoned pros, you’ll be able to perfect your presentation by Showing to Win.”