Ask an Expert

Slowing Trot Rhythm

June 28, 2010

AQHA Professional Horsewoman and Certified Horsemanship Association master instructor Carla Wennberg explains how to slow your horse and keep him going.


My horse has a quick and bouncy jog, but after you get her going, she dies on you.  How do I get her to slow down and keep going?



Dear Judy,

A quick and bouncy jog can slow her down, but it won’t help the bouncy. Quick rhythm can mean she is out of balance, anxious, pushed too fast with aids or many other things.

I would slow the trot rhythm with your own posting. If you slow the action of your posting trot, the horse will match you.

When the horse gets too slow, first, push her forward with leg aids, and then use artificial aids such as a spur or whip.

Establish one-two rhythm with yourself, and match it with your horse. Start with an up-down slow rhythm, and then move it up, and slow it back down. This establishes pace, too.

— Carla Wennberg, AQHA Professional Horsewoman, contributor to AQHA’s Borrow a Trainer series