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Swapping Horses for the Super Bowl

February 1, 2014

Football might take priority over horses, as the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos fight for the Super Bowl XLVIII title.

Two Bits is ready for the big game Are you

Two-Bits is ready for the big game on February 2, 2014. Are you?

By Malee Powell, Spring 2014 AQHA Intern

Seattle. Starbucks, Microsoft and gray skies always come to mind at the mention of Washington’s most populous area. Maybe even Jimi Hendrix. Until now, football would have been one of the last things for me to associate with my hometown.

I always had better things, like riding American Quarter Horses, to occupy my time. But ever since the Seahawks made the Super Bowl, it’s been hard – actually, impossible – to avoid the thoughts. Every Facebook post, Tweet and Instagram photo that litters my feed mentions the Seahawks or #12thman, every moment of every day. I can’t escape it. And I can’t say that I want to. I’m nearly 2,000 miles away from my hometown, and I’ve never felt closer.

My dad (and most Americans, for that matter) lights up each time the sight of two-hundred-pound men in tights and helmets fills the screen. They cheer each time the football soars over the goal post and cuss as loud as the country is wide when the referee makes a bad call.

I used to roll my eyes when I witnessed this behavior. I mean, it’s just football, right? Well, now I understand that it’s more than that: It’s love and pride. It’s ‘Merica. And who isn’t a fan of that?

So, for JUST this one Sunday, don’t feel guilty about leaving your horse in the pasture, sticking your feet up on the ottoman and shoving your mouth full of calories as we watch the Broncos and Seahawks face off at 5:30 p.m. CST in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII. And, in the meantime, check out these Super Bowl-themed Quarter Horse names we found in our database:

Super Bowl Themed Quarter Horse Names

Twelfth Man
Paytons Action
Wilson In Command
Super Bowl
Seahawk Fever
Broncos Pride
Super Bowl Hustle
Game Bet
Football Couch
Game Point
Super Bowl Party
Seahawk Blue
Football Try Outs
Wilson Playboy
Broncs Are My Hobby
Super Bowl Manning
Seahawk Gray
Super Bowl Six Pack
NFL Sunday Ticket
Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Ticket
Sherman Te Audacious
Game Plan
Half Time Show
Super Bowl Winner
Game Player
Shermans Kicker
Touchdown Baby
NFL Super Star
Touchdown Cowboy
Game Face
Touchdown Dance
Go Long
Touchdown Star
Tackle Me Two
Game Over
NFL Playboy
Win A Bet
Game Ball
Mannings Smooth
Mannings Performance
Red Zone
Redzone Dancer
Half Time
Fumbling Fool