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The Perfect Name

April 27, 2012

AQHA offers naming options for your horses.

The Perfect Name

Reserve your next foal's registered name. Journal photo

From The Q-Racing Journal

Expecting a foal within the next year? Got a registered name in mind for that baby, but you’re afraid someone else might take it? Here are some tips for how you can best use AQHA’s registration options.

Reserve a Name: You can reserve a foal name for $75 for one year. The name you reserve must meet all AQHA naming guidelines as stated in Rule 214 in the AQHA handbook. Foal name reservations are only good for one year. However, you can renew that reservation for another $75. AQHA completed 90 name reservations in 2011.

Re-Use a Name: Rule 214 was amended to allow some registered names to be reused. But don’t get your hopes up – Wimpy P-1 is not available.

Originally, Rule 214 stated: “Each horse for which registration is applied must be given a name, acceptable to AQHA, which does not conflict with the name of any other horse registered with AQHA, either living or dead.”

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As amended, Rule 214 allows a name to be reused if “the horse originally issued the name is deceased as evidenced by AQHA records, does not have a performance record (race or show), does not have offspring with a performance record (race or show), has not received any AQHA special achievement recognition award or affiliate recognition that appear on AQHA records as an award, and must not have produce or get younger than 10 years of age, or any with a performance record (race or show), nor any AQHA special achievement recognition award or affiliate recognition that appear on AQHA records as an award.”

Name Change: Don’t like your registered horse’s name? An AQHA rule allows you to change a horse’s name for $55 as long as the horse has not “(a)
competed in an AQHA show or special event; (b) started in a recognized race; (c) earned a special achievement recognition award as per Rule 440; (d) earned any money or award with an AQHA affiliate as shown on AQHA records; or (e) appeared on any breeding document submitted to AQHA.”

Sound-alike names are allowed, as long as they are spelled differently. For example, Cool Cash or Kool Cash are accepted spellings and acceptable registered names for a horse name that sounds the same. (By the way, those two names are already taken in the registry.)

“If a name that you want is already taken, a lot of people are putting their initials in front of the name to use that name for their horse,” says La Donna Wilkinson, AQHA director of registration.

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In 2011, 1,858 Quarter Horse name changes were completed.

“Most owners change a horse’s name because they don’t like the original registered name,” La Donna says. However, there are large breeders and racehorse owners that like to change a horse’s name to more align that horse with their stable or operation.”