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Check out the 10 most popular FREE reports on America’s Horse Daily this month!

Check out the 10 most popular FREE reports on America’s Horse Daily this month!

If there’s one thing we know here at America’s Horse Daily, it’s that there’s always something new to learn about horses. A willingness to learn new things and try out new methods is the mark of a true horseman. We are dedicated to bringing you as much knowledge as we can so you can learn as much as you can.

America’s Horse Daily offers dozens of free reports designed to help you become a better rider, trainer, competitor, manager and horse owner. Download as many of our free reports as you’d like, and print copies of them for your barn, home and trailer. Share your new-found knowledge with family and friends, and have a blast in the barn this summer!

  1. Horse Color and Markings ChartThe AQHA Horse Color and Markings Chart has a world of horse markings and color information packed onto just one page.
  2. How to Tie a Lead RopeDennis Moreland explains the bowline knot, ideal for tying your horse safely.
  3. Showmanship BasicsTrainers Brad and Valerie Kearns give you tips and tricks about every aspect of showmanship, from basic maneuvers to picking out the right show halter for your horse.
  4. Horse Trailer Loading TipsBill Van Norman gives tips on how to keep your temper while training a horse to load into a trailer.
  5. How to Make a Rope HalterTwo experts at Columbia Basin Knot Company shared with The American Quarter Horse Journal their 34-step process for making a quality homemade rope halter.
  6. How to Build a Mounting BlockAQHA consulted an expert woodworker for a homemade mounting block that can become a staple of your barn aisle or arena.
  7. Chubby HorsesAQHA spoke with equine nutritionists and researchers about the topic of equine obesity and related conditions.
  8. HYPP Survival GuideIn this detailed report, you’ll learn symptoms of HYPP, prevention tips, feeding suggestions for HYPP-positive horses and how to test your horse for HYPP.
  9. Laminitis Treatment Learn all about the differences between laminitis and founder and options to ease the suffering of laminitic horses.
  10. Potomac Horse FeverArm yourself with knowledge to help your horse stay healthy!

There are more FREE reports where these came from. Check them out today!

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