Top-10 Free Reports

Take a look at the 10 most popular FREE reports on America’s Horse Daily.

Take a look at the 10 most popular FREE reports on America’s Horse Daily.

The holidays are upon us, and with that comes some extra free time. What better way to spend that time than

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reading some of our Top-10 FREE reports? All of the free reports are easy to download and take on the road with you as you make your way to friends and family’s houses for the holidays. Download one, or all of them!

Here are the top-10 most downloaded free reports on America’s Horse Daily:

  1. Horse Color and Marking Charts: Find out how you can become an expert on horse colors and markings.
  2. How to Make a Rope Halter: Follow these easy steps to create your own knotted rope halter for your horse.
  3. Chubby Horses: Learn how you can keep your horse’s weight under control, as well as why you should.
  4. How to Build a Mounting Block: Learn how to build your own mounting block.
  5. Halter Horse Expression: Learn the secrets to completing your horse’s “total look” in the halter arena.
  6. Trailer Loading Tips: Bill Van Norman gives tips on how to keep your temper while training a horse to load into a trailer.
  7. HYPP Survival Guide: Learn how to prepare for and deal with a horse affected by HYPP.
  8. How to Tie a Rope Halter: Expert tack maker Dennis Moreland explains in simple terms how to tie a rope halter.
  9. Roping Basics: AQHA Professional Horseman Patrick Hooks offers tips for getting started in roping.
  10. Showmanship Basics: Learn the fundamentals of showmanship so your next pattern is perfect

There are more FREE reports where these came from. Check them out today!

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