Top 10 Free Reports

Take a look at the 10 most popular FREE reports on America’s Horse Daily.

Take a look at the 10 most popular FREE reports on America’s Horse Daily.

Are you looking to expand your equine-knowledge or build up your horsemanship skills? If so, take a look at a few of the many tips and tricks we offer at America’s Horse Daily.

America’s Horse Daily offers dozens of FREE reports to help you become a better rider, trainer, competitor and horse owner. All of the free reports are easy to download and take on the road with you. Take copies with you to the barn or to your next horse event! Here are the top-10 most popular reports right now:

1. Horse Color and Markings Chart This quick guide helps you identify horse colors and markings.

2. How to Make a Rope Halter Follow these easy steps to create your own knotted rope halter for your horse.

3. How to Build a Mounting Block Learn how to build your own mounting block.

4. Horse Trailer Loading Tips Training your horse for the trailer requires time and patience.

5. Quarter Horse Coat Color Genetics Learn all of the approved American Quarter Horse colors and infinite possibilities for your future foals.

6. Laminitis Treatment The wooden rocking horseshoe is helping many horses survive laminitis.

7. How to Tie a Rope Halter Learn the correct way

to tie a rope halter.

8. HYPP Survival Guide How to be prepared for an ordeal with a horse affected by HYPP.

9. Mare Care: Breeding Tips Learn the steps for preparing your mare

for breeding and get the facts on receiving shipped semen.

10. Showmanship Basics Learn the fundamentals of showmanship so your next pattern is perfect.

Want more great information for free? America’s Horse Daily has many more FREE reports!

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