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Add August’s most popular free reports to your stable’s reading library!

Add August’s most popular free reports to your stable’s reading library!

Free-Reports-Horse2Do you know the correct terms for your horse’s coat color or markings? How much do you really know about laminitis, EPM or Potomac horse fever? Want to get started in showmanship, but don’t know where to begin? You’re in luck! An entire library of information is available to you … for FREE.

Download as many free reports as you would like, then print them off to store in your trailer or to share in the barn. There are dozens of free reports on so many topics — from training advice, to horse health and everything in between. Take a look at some of the most popular free reports this month:

    1. Horse Color and Markings Chart — Learn everything you need to know about the 17 AQHA recognized horse colors and horse markings. The information is packed into one page, making it perfect for carrying in your pocket or storing in a glove box or folder. Get descriptions and photos of these horse colors and more.
    2. Laminitis Treatment Report — What is laminitis, exactly? Dr. Micheal Steward gives you a detailed explanation of laminitis, including diagrams of exactly how laminitis affects a horse’s foot and leg. He even discusses treatment options.
    3. EPM Report — This free report will give you methods to prevent the disease from ever affecting your horse through proper barn management methods. Learn how EPM is passed, symptoms and how EPM affects your horse, how to test for it and how to treat it.
    4. How to Tie a Rope Halter — The rope halter is a valuable tool, but it needs to be used correctly. A poorly tied rope halter can put your horse in danger, so it’s worth your time to learn how to properly use it and keep your horse safe. Expert tack maker Dennis Moreland explains in simple terms how to tie a rope halter safely.
    5. How to Make a Rope Halter — Practical and inexpensive, rope halters are a time-honored tradition for many horsemen and a wonderful training tool. Two experts at Columbia Basin Knot Company share their process for making a quality homemade rope halter. In our How to Make a Rope Halter report, each step includes a full-color photo to help guide you through the process.
    6. Horse Trailer Loading Tips — The late Bill Van Norman offers his valuable advice on how to teach your horse to calmly load in a trailer consistently.
    7. How to Build a Mounting Block — Learn how to make a homemade mounting block that can become a staple of your barn aisle or arena for years to come. This mounting block has a simple supply list and is the perfect project for beginners. Make this mounting block your next 4-H project, or give the plans to the teenagers at your barn to keep them busy.
    8. Trail Ride Safety Tips — Trail riding is one of the most rewarding and relaxing activities you can do with a horse. But it is not without its dangers. Experts on three different areas of trail riding offer tips and advice on how to better enjoy trail riding while keeping your horse’s health and the environment in mind.
    9. Showmanship Basics — Horse trainers Brad and Valerie Kearns explain the ins and outs of competing in a showmanship class. They help you get started with dozens of helpful tips that have helped numerous exhibitors win – even at the world championship horse shows.
    10. Potomac Horse Fever — Learn everything you need to do about Potomac horse fever. This five-page, full-color report also contains a personal story of one family who fought to save their beloved  horse that was infected with Potomac horse fever while on a trail ride.

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