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September 4, 2013

Check out the top 10 FREE reports and articles on America’s Horse Daily this month.

TwobitTeeblack1-300x276Do you want to learn how to create a natural appearance in your horse’s tail extensions? Are you concerned about your liability when it comes to friendly, neighborhood trespassers petting your horses? Or maybe you are ready to register this year’s foals, but are still a little confused about AQHA recognized colors and markings. Don’t worry!

America’s Horse Daily has dozens of FREE reports and articles to help you become a better rider, trainer, competitor and horse owner. Download free reports, read articles and share with family and friends. You’ll be prepared for anything your horse throws at you!

  1. Bad Hair Day?  – Barb Delf, owner and operator of Custom Tails, shares how to create a full, seamless look with your tail extensions.
  2. Cornering Your Horse-Training Skills – Unlock your horse’s potential with the four-leaf-clover exercise. Renowned horseman and clinician Les Vogt shows you how!
  3. Tie It Right – You don’t have to be all blinged out to catch the judges attention. A simple, yet classy, scarf is just enough to do the trick. Learn how world champion Carey Nowacek ties her scarves to look stunning in the show pen.
  4. Attractive Nuisances – Even if you have the calmest horse in the world, accidents can still happen. Attorney Julie Fershtman offers advice for minimizing your liability when neighborhood children are tempted to pet your horses.
  5. Grass Founder in Horses – Lush, green grass can be a horse owner’s worst nightmare. Get tips from Dr. Tom Lenz on how to avoid grass founder in your horses.
  6. Standing Sedation Made Easier – Health maintenance activities, such as clipping or farrier work can be a challenging experience if the horse is nervous or frightened. With help from Zoetis, oral sedatives may help may improve these experiences for you and your horse.
  7. Calling for Collection – Collection is important for every horse. AQHA Professional Horseman Ken McNabb offers tips and a video to help you develop more collection and control in your horse.
  8. Horse Training During Warm-Ups – The reverse-arc turn warm-up will get your horse focused and ready to work, no matter the arena setting. AQHA Professional Horsewoman and Certified Horsemanship Association master instructor Andy Moorman tells you why you might want to work this technique into your routine.
  9. What Is Colic? – Colic remains a major cause of sickness and death in horses. Dr. Thomas Lenz teaches you the symptoms and what to do about them.
  10. Horse Color and Markings Chart – It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the assortment of AQHA recognized colors and markings. This FREE report has a world of information in one simple packet. Download it today to avoid future frustration.