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Check out this month’s 10 most popular articles on America’s Horse Daily!

Check out this month’s 10 most popular posts on America’s Horse Daily!

TwobitTeeblack1-300x276From grooming to showing to training and health, America’s Horse Daily has an article to meet every horse owner’s needs. Learn what to do in cold weather to keep your horse’s water from freezing this winter. Take advice from industry professionals about the most flattering forelock finish for your halter horse, and even learn how to develop the balanced hindquarter muscling that you always strive for. Check out this collection of top trending articles to learn more!

America’s Horse Daily supplies daily articles to aid horsemen in their quest to become better trainers, riders, owners and teammates to their American Quarter Horse.

1. Tips for Correct Tack FitTack fit can affect your horse’s performance in a negative way. Bill Myers, an American Quarter Horse trainer and breeder, offers tips for properly fitting a breast collar and curb strap.

2. Scratching the Horse-Showing Itch – Do you suffer from the condition, Equine Showitis? Writer Pamela Britton-Baer humorously discusses her experiences and strategies for living with the condition.

3. What is Colic? Approximately 10 percent of all horses suffer at least one bout of colic during their lifetimes. Your horse might be one of them. Brush-up on the symptoms and treatment for horse colic so you are prepared in the event that  your horse becomes part of the statistic.

4. Keep Horse Water From Freezing In most parts of the country, freezing temperatures have greeted us with a nip at the nose and a reality check that winter is here. It can catch us off guard, but don’t let it add time to your horse-care routine. Check out these tips for keeping your horse’s water clear of ice.

5. How to Braid a Horse’s ManeBraiding a mane takes practice and time. But let us help you become a horse-braiding master! Follow these step-by-step instructions from Stacy Lane Huls, and wow your friends with your braiding abilities.

6. EPM Symptoms in Horses – Signs of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis vary from horse to horse. Learn to recognize all of the symptoms in the case that this devastating disease strikes your horse.

7. Training a Rope Horse AQHA Professional Horseman C.R. Bradley walks through the process of training a rope horse and the potential areas that might cause problems in your horse-training project.

8. Get Your Horse in Shape – Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start after your horse has had a break. But not with these ideas! Check out these 17 tips for preparing your horse for a long horseback-riding adventure.

9. Bran MashOne common question during this time of year: Is bran mash beneficial to horse health? In this article, Dr. Thomas R. Lenz clarifies the benefits and concerns of feeding this warm treat to your horse.

10. Sleep Better, Ride Better – Sometimes, sleep is the root of your horse-showing problems. Examine the causes of lack of sleep and develop healthy sleep patterns to jump start your show season.