Trail Rider Special

Learn more about the special AQHA membership offer specially designed for trail riders.

Learn more about the discounted AQHA membership offer specially designed for recreational riders.

Riding the Wagonhound
Earn rewards during your next trail ride with our trail rider's membership package. Photo by Jim Jennings

Fun fact: More than 70 percent of AQHA members are recreational riders. That's a large majority of folks who simply love to hop aboard their American Quarter Horses and head down the road for a few hours.

I got to chat with a bunch of die-hard recreational riders at last weekend's Taking the Reins equine expo in Madison, Wisconsin. As folks stopped by the AQHA booth, I listened to their stories. Many of them weren't interested in intense competition or hauling hundreds of miles chasing points. Pure joy, they described, is not winning a world championship or even a few AQHA points. Rather, it's meeting up with the neighbors and riding down to the creek … or around the corn fields … or up to the ice cream shack … or at the AQHA trail ride in their home town.

At AQHA, we love our recreational riders, because they're the backbone of our industry! So, AQHA has developed a special package with these riders in mind.

Through September 30, 2012, the discounted trail rider's membership package includes:

All for just $100! This package is good for new and renewing members.

What makes this offer so special to recreational riders? By enrolling in the Horseback Riding Program, you'll have the opportunity to earn rewards simply for spending hours in the saddle. Just log the hours you spend horseback, and you'll receive prizes for each milestone. Check out the rewards list.

Don't ride a registered Quarter Horse? No problem. Simply enroll in the All-Breeds division for no additional charge.

If you're an avid recreational rider, I hope the next time you saddle up and head for the hills, you log those hours toward baseball caps, T-shirts, gift certificates and much more. Sign up for the trail rider's membership package today.

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