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TV Personalities

April 29, 2013

The stars of the May America’s Horse go from the pages of the magazine to the small screen and back again.

AH-Cover-May-2013-forwebAs the May issue of America’s Horse hits mailboxes across the world, it’s fun to see some of our featured horse people show up on TV screens across the world, too.

One was a rather unexpected inclusion: Horseman Guy McLean – featured in America’s Horse for winning the Road to the Horse colt-starting championship in March – appeared on a recent episode of National Geographic’s “Brain Games” TV series. The show, which examines the mysteries of the human brain, had a crew at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, filming footage that would illustrate an episode on time.

“See how the brain can actually warp and shift time, giving a false impression of the order and the speed of events,” the show’s webpage says. A roughstock rider’s eight-second ride that seems to last for an eternity would be an example of that.

Guy’s wife, Emily, says that he was riding in a nearby arena – being on site to do exhibitions for one of his sponsors – when he caught the eye of a National Geographic cameraman. Before you knew it, the film crew was drawn to him and filmed some slow-motion footage of him cantering in place aboard his horse, Spinabbey. Guy said on his Facebook page that he was doing so – and even jumping in place – less than a foot in front of a $280,000 camera.

As a sidenote, Emily says that Streakin Cat – the 2013 Road to the Horse champion and Four Sixes Ranch-bred American Quarter Horse whom Guy has nicknamed “Mate” – is doing fabulously. Look for an update on their partnership in an upcoming issue of America’s Horse.

Another America’s-Horse-subject-turned-TV-star is country artist Templeton Thompson, who has an interview on GAC-TV’s “Daily Countdown” Tuesday, April 30. Check your local listings for show times.

Her video “When I Get That Pony Rode” has made the fan-voted “Daily Countdown” for seven weeks in a row. The behind-the-scenes making of that video was the subject of the America’s Horse story in May. (See, we knew it was going to be big!) We were drawn to it not only because of the horse-centric lyrics, but because Templeton’s two American Quarter Horses are stars of the video. Impressive Beau Star and Elle Bar Conclusion are her “beautiful babies,” and the video features gorgeous footage of Templeton riding them in harmony.

You’ll have to check out the magazine to see how Templeton and team got these well-behaved ponies to buck and rear to portray the difficult horse the song speaks of.

The video was directed by Cindy Meehl, who has been featured in America’s Horse as the director of the “Buck” documentary on Buck Brannaman.

“When I Get That Pony Rode” world premiered on in February as part of CMT’s Independent’s Day online feature and has more than 17,000 streams. It placed No. 1 in streamed videos on the day of the premiere.

In addition to GAC and, the video is airing on The Country Network and TNN.

And another of our America’s Horse subjects, Peggy Kessler, actually caught our attention when we saw her television commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

With the help of CTCA and inspiration from her American Quarter Horse, Miss Quixote Driftwood, Peggy conquered an inoperable form of cancer and now is featured as a success story. The commercial features her and “Cider” trail-riding in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

“Horses are a godsend,” Peggy says. “To be able to relax and be around them, kind of forget about things, to go out and just be with them – you’re in your own world at the time, and things are good.”

That’s great advice no matter what kind of battles you’re fighting.

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  • We all know horses are good for the mind. But one Arizona facility has capitalized on that knowledge, using equine therapy to help address mental health issues.
  • Noah Vail (yes, that’s really his registered name) is an American Quarter Horse author, with the assistance of his owner, Mary Farr. She uses his sweet-but-complicated personality to give voice to some humorous stories and wise observations. The book is “Never Say Neigh: An adventure in fun, funny and the power of yes.”

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