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Update Your AQHA Information

July 19, 2011

Check out the new address change feature for AQHA!

AQHA has recently created a new way to update your address. Moving is enough of a hassle; getting all of your contact information updated should be easy!

Don’t have time to call AQHA during business hours? No problem. Send your new address or other question to AQHA and we’ll handle it for you. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address!

AQHA sends a lot of valuable information via e-mail about Corporate Partner updates, sales in your area and don’t forget about your America’s Horse Daily e-mail updates!

Including your e-mail can also provide AQHA a way to notify you of information needed to complete your foal registration, transfers and other work you’ve submitted. Click here to get your information updated today!

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As Always, At Your Service,

Kayla Randall

Kayla Randall