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Update Your AQHA Information

April 28, 2014

AQHA makes it easy to update your information, so you can continue to get important updates about your membership.

Moving is enough of a hassle, and everybody has to change emails now and then. AQHA makes it easy to update your contact information with us, so you can continue to get important updates about AQHA and your membership.

Don’t have time to call AQHA Customer Service during business hours? No problem. Use our online Contact form and choose “Update My Information” from the dropdown bar. Fill in your new information, and hit “Submit.” We’ll take care of updating our system with your new information as soon as possible.

AQHA sends a lot of valuable information via e-mail about Corporate Partner promotions, sales in your area, important deadlines and membership renewal notices. So please make sure we have your correct email on file!

Your e-mail address also provides AQHA a way to notify you of information needed to complete your foal registration, transfers and other work you’ve submitted.

Take a quick moment, and update your information with AQHA! If you do prefer to call us, give our friendly Customer Service staff a call at 806-376-4811, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., CDT.

Kayla Randall

Kayla Randall