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We Are Thankful For All of You

November 25, 2014

In the spirit of being thankful, AQHA and America’s Horse Daily would like to thank our wonderful fans, members and readers for joining us in our love and appreciation of the American Quarter Horse.

We’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we hope most of you can do the same. Our Daily articles will reappear next Monday!

In the meantime, to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit, we’ve gathered some favorite recipes for you to try out. Just add turkey!

If you’d like to try out our recipes, click on each one for an enlarged view that’s perfect for printing. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you and your family a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday!

corn and oysters

Editor In Chief of The American Quarter Horse Journal Becky Newell loves this corn and oyster recipe as something to munch on while the turkey cooks. Journal photo.


AQHA Director of Online/Interactive Communications Jody Reynolds says her sweet potato casserole is so sweet and delicious, it almost belongs on the desert table. Journal photo.


sausage stuffing

AQHA Internet Editor Tara Christiansen always looks forward to this sausage-and-apple stuffing recipe passed down from her great-grandmother. Journal photo.


potato cheese casserole

America’s Horse magazine Editor Holly Clanahan loves this potato cheese casserole even when it’s not Thanksgiving. Journal photo.


cranberry sauce

AQHA’s 2012 Fall Publications Intern Allison Grayson says it’s not Thanksgiving without her dad’s famous cranberry sauce recipe. Journal photo.


buttermilk chess pie

National Cutting Horse Association Executive Director Jim Bret Campbell rarely attends a holiday gathering without this pie in tow. Journal photo.


With these Thanksgiving recipes, all you need to add is the turkey! Try them out, and tell us what you think on Facebook. We always love to hear from you.