Welcome to Quarter’s Worth

AQHA is committed to making sure AQHA members have every opportunity to enjoy their American Quarter Horses.

AQHA is committed to making sure AQHA members have every opportunity to enjoy their American Quarter Horses.

Welcome to my new blog, Quarter’s Worth. I’m Don Treadway Jr., AQHA’s new executive vice president, and I plan to use this blog to open the communication lines with AQHA members. Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself.

I have been an AQHA employee for nearly 35 years and been part of the AQHA family for even longer.

I was born in Arkansas City, Kansas, and raised on a small farm and ranch east of Newkirk, Oklahoma, in Kay County. I attended Consolidated 106 – a rural, two-room school. There were 30 students in the first through eighth grades. I actually rode my horse to school – once with 10 of my horse-owning friends so we could say we did!

I’ve always had an appreciation for the American Quarter Horse. I grew up in horse country – watched match races, attended rodeos and participated in 4-H events – and around working ranches where Quarter Horses were used. So Quarter Horses were a big part of my years as a child and growing up. In fact, in August 1960, I began subscribing to The Quarter Horse Journal.

I’ll never forget my first horse – a Shetland pony. When I was 9, my parents purchased my first “registered” horse – Miss Sis Cuero. Her paternal grandfather was Peppy 212 of the King Ranch and her maternal great-grandsire was Joe Hancock of the Four Sixes.

The year 1974 was BIG for me.

I graduated from college in May with an ag journalism degree, I got married in June and on August 12, I went to work for AQHA as a public relations assistant working for Ronnie Blackwell, who would go on to be AQHA executive vice president. Honestly, working at AQHA is the only REAL job I’ve ever had, even though I don’t really consider it a J-O-B. I wake up every day excited about what the day holds.

The Treadway family consists of my wife, Robbyn, our son, Jeff, and his wife, Melissa, and our daughter, Stacey. Robbyn and I are going to be first-time grandparents in June.

My management motto is: “Find simple solutions to complex problems and logical solutions for all the rest.” I consider myself a centrist who is willing to listen to all sides of the issue.

The objective of AQHA’s staff is to make sure AQHA members have every opportunity to enjoy their American Quarter Horses.

Toward this goal, the AQHA Executive Committee has approved six priorities for AQHA.

1). Sensible management and ensuring our business operations are profitable.

  • Not business as usual
  • Create a business plan and budget for profitable operations

2). Solidify and expand our marketing and membership efforts.

3). Renew our commitment to the horse by making breed integrity and animal welfare a top priority.

  • Protect the brand – ensure disposition, soundness and willingness to serve his owner remain as primary American Quarter Horse traits

4). Enhance our communication with and opportunities for all levels of horse owners.

  • Keep core fees reasonable
  • Encourage horses for every price range
  • Provide education for those who are new or who want to learn more about caring for or training their horse
  • Create new avenues for member communication, such as this blog

5). Improve AQHA’s governance, as well as the communication and accountability of our infrastructure.

  • Director communication, engagement and accountability
  • Local representation from affiliates and grassroots organizations
  • Ethics – ensure breeders, trainers and other professionals are accountable

6). Continue to lead the horse industry with humility and integrity.

  • Alliances
  • Coalitions

In this new forum, I plan to keep you updated on AQHA activities and initiatives. Occasionally, I will have guests share their thoughts here, too. Look for a blog entry from AQHA President Jim Helzer in the coming weeks on his goals for his presidency. As we are blazing a new trail on the information super highway, I plan to keep the communication lines open.

We are facing a changing environment in the horse industry, and you can help by sharing your ideas. If you have a topic you would like discussed, please leave a comment.

We promise to review every suggestion, comment or concern and will place those that are the most critical and beneficial on our list of topics for consideration to discuss. Those recurring/multiple submissions that might not be selected as a “topic” or might already be “in the works,” I may discuss in a future blog.

Let us hear from you – the members of AQHA. What’s on your mind? What can we do? What can we develop to allow you to continue enjoying your horses while keeping the welfare of our horses at the forefront?

Before you make a submission, please ask yourself, “Is my suggestion achievable, affordable and measurable?”

More specifically:

  1. Will it reduce expenses and/or increase revenue?
  2. Will it promote better customer service?
  3. Will it improve the welfare of the American Quarter Horse and contribute to its “brand”?
  4. Will it encourage ownership of American Quarter Horses and membership in AQHA?

Happy trails,

Don Treadway Jr.
AQHA Executive Vice President

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50 thoughts on “Welcome to Quarter’s Worth”

  1. What a great blog. This is an innovative way to communicate with AQHA members. Way to go Don!


  2. Thank you for sharing your vision and for allowing us to be a bigger part of the family of AQHA.

  3. Hi Don, I am very excited about your new ideas and blog. Sounds like you truly want to keep in touch with the members and get their thoughts too. Good luck to you and you know it there is anything I can do from Arizona, please let me know. Lolli

  4. Hey Don, Great idea and good luck with it. Anything I can do, remember I’m old, but I’m OK. You will be hearing from me again. Julie

  5. Nice work Don. Can see there’s been some very good thinking and solid planning going on at HQ. Like the blog conceptually and as an ongoing tool for communication with members and others interested in American Quarter Horses. Will surely enjoy following the Association’s progress through future installments. Know there’s an experienced hand on the reins and you have a great team around you. Am confident you’ll face the changing environment skillfully. BTW, the management motto is terrific!

  6. Hi Don,
    Thank you for the new blog.

    I have a suggestion….
    It would be nice if aqha would create contact email address through the aqha website, for the aqha directors. At present the only way to contact them is by mailing them a letter. With so many changes happening these days, it would be nice to be able to contact them in more affective manner, so that members can voice their concerns or suggestions.

    By the way, thank you for the informative webcast of the issue on cloneing at the AQHA convention. 🙂

  7. Great job Don. Your goals and direction for all AQHA members at all levels is the perfect approach to growing the brand. Keep the lines of communication open and I suggest a summary of the most focal issues you recieve on the blog is provided to the E.C. on a regular basis. Great feedback!!

  8. Mr. Treadway:

    I also commend you for your excellent idea; open communication is by far the best & most benefical approach.

    I would like to suggest greater thought and detail be given the halter horse segment. It appears to be suffering the most among the various disiplines. It appears the entrys are down across the board at most every show.
    The performance horse idea was great! But what can we do to further the exhibition of the ideal horse?
    Do shows insist that you show halter to qualify form the All-Around award?
    Do we promote more/greater awards to the halter class participants?

    Thank you for the ability to address this issue.

  9. Hi Don,
    I’m really excited about your blog. As we’ve discussed, I find it informative and imperative to attain the input from those of us in the field. I feel certain, that with your expertise and the valuable contributions from our directors, there is no limitation to what can be accomplished. As always, do not hesitate to call, if there is anyway I may be of service.

  10. Hi Don

    This is a great idea and in my opinion a much needed venue for AQHA members to express both good and bad as they perceive the associations activitites to be. Im very interested in how AQHA is going to handle the registration of clones and their offspring. Im also interested in future AQHA policies regarding closing the registration books to TB. Thanks.

  11. The Morgan, Arabian and Paint Horse Associations recognize and have Dressage Competitions. The USDF, USEF and Performance Horse Association recognizes the Quarter Horse in Dressage and has yearly awards. The American Warmblood Registry, (AWR) are now testing and licensing quarter horses for Dressage. Dressage At Devon, World International Show, has Sponsored Awards for all breeds except AQHA will not sponsor the quarter horse. Quarter horses are starting to make their mark in the discipline of Dressage and AQHA is being left behind.

    When is AQHA going to get on board.?

  12. Don-Congradulations on your new position. I know you will do a great job with big shoes to fill. I like your blog and look forward to future ones.
    My thought is how to get more people to receive it. Unless one has signed up to receive AQHA emails they may not know it exists. Maybe if it is publicized in America’ls Horse and the Journal more members would find out about the blog. I will pass the info on in my area and will send to out webmaster for our affiliate so he can put it on our website.
    Let me know if I can be of any help here in the Virginia area.

  13. What a great idea! Good job Don. We need to open the lines of communication with A Q H A and the publiic. I think this is a big step in the right direction.

  14. Hi Don,

    Oh how cool and modern! Through the years all I have ever heard was how aloof and unreachable AQHA, ” is”; now, with your bolg, you have made that a “WAS’. Your message and vision for AQHA is ongoing and never faltering. With the reins in your hands I know that even in this era of world uncertainty, AQHA will “Ride Strong”. You know you can always call on me.

  15. Way to go Don!! I love what you are doing, and I pray all your dreams come true. Keep up the good work and know you have someone behind you. I love the communication and the passion!!!

  16. @Don

    Thank you SO much for helping AQHA embrace technology. It will no doubt have a significant impact on the association. Thanks again for taking the lead.

    @Luther Copeland

    I agree with you in so much as the AQHA should help rectify the halter horse show entries. However, I think that the concept behind the american quarter horse as being diverse performers has been compromised by the halter horse industry. And as a result, the halter horse industry is suffering.

    If the AQHA required all halter horses to perform as well, you would see a different kind of horse being shown in those classes. Eventually, you would see those numbers go back up. After all, the whole reason the halter classes were ever held in the first place was to see which competing horse at the show was the best looking. I’m affraid we need to go back to those roots.

    Performance halter was a good start, but rather than allow performers to compete at halter, halter horses should be required to perform.

  17. Hi Don
    GREAT IDEA ! I think keeping everyone up to date is very important. I look forward to new blogs. Keep up the good work and keep us going foreard!

  18. Hi Don. I would like to bring up a subject that I have written to AQHA on numerous times. The fact that my daughter and I share one horse and I am now a select. When my daughter and I were both younger we use to share our horse. She would do youth and I would do amateur classes. A fun time for both. However, she is now an amateur and I am a select. I think the same rules should apply to us that was in place for the youth. It should be the points on horse/rider combo for points. She has taken a back seat to showing for now but really misses it and we both miss showing together. I think it would be an easy solution and of course more revenue to AQHA shows. Would love to see that rule change. Can you help us?

  19. Mr Treadway;

    Is there any place on the website or some where that the members of the AQHA can find how the AQHA is representing the horse industry and our concerns about the horse slaughter situation and other matters that concerns our businesses?

  20. Don,
    This is a great idea. I did have a hard time finding the shows in the back of the journal with the new format. I see the reason to only list the classes once but how they arranged them had me dizzy.

  21. Great idea here Don! Blogging is a quick way to communicate with others. I, too want to express my confusion with how the upcoming horse shows are listed. I think ithe QHJ should go back to the old way of listing all shows by show date and not by state. Much easier to look at and understand! Thanx for listening.

  22. HI Don. I also wanted to ask you what efforts are being made to make sure ppl are not getting their horses tails “fixed”. I thought it was illegal. Why isnt someone at the show testing? I see nothing going on at the shows to correct this situation although I see lots and lots of tails fixed. Also, it states in the rule book no weighted tails. Funny, out at congress there is a whole booth that sells weighted tails. Whats the deal on that? Glad to see Cleve Wells is being reprimanded. I think we need more ppl at the shows enforcing rules.

  23. Hi Don…..I appreciate your statement regarding the Executive Committee decision on the Cleve Wells situation. Thanks for being a “stand up” guy!

  24. Great idea!! Enjoyed your bio — from a fellow Okie, we rode our horses to school annually on the final day of classes.

  25. Hats off to the Executive Committee of AQHA on the suspension of Cleve Wells, which is long overdue. There are several others in Cleve’s arena of abuse that will hopefully be apprehended as well. As an exhibitor witnessing these varied abuses and being restricted by trainers to say nothing for fear of reprocussions, I will sleep easier tonight knowing that before one more of these angry, sadistic, people do something to another animal, they will take note of what happened to Cleve Wells. I personally witnessed a stable of horses tied around with SCREW bits in their mouths then tied to the wall of their stalls (one lying down, mouth open to avoid the screws, with his head on his dinner hay!) at Congress one year, and was basically told by my trainers to say nothing because the abusive trainer was an AQHA judge!!! It haunts me to this day. I hope your actions will send a loud and clear message. BRAVO, AQHA!

  26. Don and all the staff at AQHA,
    This is just another tool to let our members know how open AQHA is, and has been for a long time!
    , Keep up the good work of protecting our horses,serving our members and going forward to improve our American Quarter Horse Assc.

  27. Bravo on launching the blog, Don, and congratulations (belatedly) on your leadership position. Your background with AQHA is invaluable as is your commitment to the welfare of our horses.

  28. I received my May Journal. The show listings were much improved. Thanks for a great magazine & organization. I have only showed AQHA & always will.

  29. Mr. Treadway, I have been reading up on your new commitment to help everyone enjoy their american quarter horse to the fullest. This hits home for me becasue I have a gelding that I show locally and I would love to be able to show him in AQHA shows, but he is not registered. He is not registered because my brother who bred him wasn’t interested in having a registered horse, eventhough both of his parents were registered. I bought the gelding from my brother when they didn’t get along. I had every intention of registering him, until I discovered that the sire (1841267)had not had his owners updated for a long time and he was sold at an auction after the breeding. So it became imposssible to get the DNA testing that I would need. But I did however get the dam (2170078) tested and she is on file. It is my dream to have my horse registered just for showing purposes, especially since he is a gelding and will not reproduce. I have currently been showing horses that I don’t enjoy riding like my horse just so I can show, but it is getting frustrating when you want to be riding another horse but you can’t. I wish you could help me or send me in the right direction. I read once that if the parents are dead or unknown where they are that sometimes AQHA makes exceptions. I hope that I could be one of those considered cases. Thanks for your time. Leslie

  30. Congratulations Don,
    Sounds like youre off to a good start. Remember the All American trip with Larry. I recently
    retired from MTSU and am getting into cutting horses. I think he is still at the University of Tulsa and has earned a JD.
    Good luck,

  31. Don, I knew when you left the area I knew that you had went to work for the AQHA but could never run you down. I just happened to look you up on line and found information on you and about your recent promotion. Congrats.
    If you ever get back in this area, give me a call and maybe we could meet for coffee. Cell is 316-729-9256. Still see some of the guys from the guard on occasion. I even get down to Kay county once in a while.

  32. Hi, I would like to be able to email AQHA’s executive committee about the World show web cast. It is terrible. This past year, all web cast from AQHA done by horse show webcast aren’t worth watching. Several members wish to see if they will have another company do this. Reel Horse did the webcasting the the Congress and it was awesome ! How do we find somewhere to email or call?
    Thank you

  33. I am a long time member of AQHA as well as a breeder of American Quarter Horses. Part of my decision making process in chosing stallions to breed to include watching their movement. (I breed and raise western pleasure prospects). I am extremely disappointed in the World Championshop webcast as it is impossible to see much of anything because the live feed is so distorted and hard to watch. I have no idea what company is doing this webcast but it is definitely the wrong company to get viewers excited about watching their favorite classes or gaining information about contestants and their mounts. PLEASE do something about this. I have never seen people so disappointed as they are this year about the World Show. And on the same thread, whoever is doing the actual camera work needs to show much more of the arena. How boring to watch one horse being followed all the way down the rail and then moving the camera back to another horse. How can we compare movement between horses? How can we make our own decisions about who we think the best movers are? Thank you for what I hope is some sort of answer to this disappointing webcast.

  34. Hey Diane,
    I absolutely agree with you! I have been watching all week on a computer that is new (I work for a university). We have the highest speed internet connection, but everything is distorted. I hope something is done about this!!! It is so difficult to see much of what is going on!

  35. I just wanted to say how terrible the web video is for this years WS! Hopefully next year we’ll be better.
    There are some really good video companies out there – let do some research.

  36. The World Show feed is so terrible that it really takes away from the fun of watching it . I would likely watch more if I didn’t get so frustrated. I enjoyed the Reelhorse feed from Congress way more but I am sure there are lots of companies who could do this.

    I enjoyed the interviews but when I log on to the show half way though a class I would like a heading somewhere to know what class I am watching. I thought I was watching ammy performance mares and half way through it became.. um…apparent…that I was watching geldings LOL. The friend I was tring to catch was showing in mares. If there was a heading I would have known it was or wasn’t her class. Just a thought!

  37. I would like to echo the comments about the web video at the World Show. There are countless little girls ( and everyone else) that can’t possibly attend the World Show, but we would love to be able to share in the excitment of the moment. Please continue to work on a solution so we can all be part of the AQHA World Show experience

    Thank you

  38. I also would also like to express my disappointment with the webcast at the World Show. We have the greatest horses and exhibitors. Its a shame family and friends across the country have to try to view such a terrible webcast. I hope for better video next year.

  39. After watching the Captial Challenge, National Horse Show and Hunter Derby with amazing clarity its truly disappointing to watch the AQHA World Show online. While its lovely the show is telecast online, the poor quality makes it not worth watching. Please AQHA look into finding a better alternative to the current online offering.

  40. I’ve been very successful showing at the world show, so this year, while I did qualify, I decided to stay home and watch the live webcast. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The picture quality is the worst of any livecast I’ve ever seen and I have a fast connnection so I know it’s not my equipment. The horses take two steps forward and one step back and the picture is very ‘cube-y’. It often freezes and the sound comes and goes. This makes it almost impossible to watch. The youth and select world webcast was just as dismal. Please consider other options to make the AQHA world show live webcasts an enjoyable experience.

  41. Trying to watch the cowhorse eliminations, to no avail. Why can’t AQHA do a better job on the internet? It looks like they are throwing money down the drain useing this outfit.

  42. The WS video has a lot to be desired. The Congress video for me, was much better….Please see what you can do to improve the video quality and sound.

    Thank you,

  43. Don: I am very unhappy that such a prestigious show as the World has such lousy internet video feed. After trying to watch the classes I like, and tend to recommend my friends to watch, I was so frustrated this year, I didn’t even call them to remind them to watch. The World Show sale was unacceptable also. A stationery camera that only showed a quarter of the ring, and the sale horses would walk in and out of the frame. Maybe more bidders would watch and bid if the whole ring was shown. The bad feed happened last year also, same company I believe.
    Maybe AQHA and Fort Dodge could get together and discuss this. This problem is a hot topic on http://www.Pleasurehorse.com right now. And it’s not a positive discussion.

    Linda Zohns

  44. Hi Mr. Treadway,
    I have been deep sea fishing for as long as I can remember; greater than 35+ years. I have been out routinely in 6 foot swells, and even the 10-12 foot swells, choppy water, white caps; you name it, my dad had us in it, especially if it was during a tourniment. I am lucky in that I don’t get sea sick. That is, I thought I could never get sea sick, until I viewed this years AQHA World Webcam. It is horrible!!! Honestly, the cheapest bidder is not always the best. I hope it improves for next year. It is just not even worth watching right now. And, if you get it fixed, I would love to grill some dorado for you and your family (or whatever we have depending on the season) if you ever make it out to Arizona.

  45. Hi Mr. Treadway/AQHA:

    I have been attempting to watch some of the World Show via the Webcast to no avail. Please ensure that next year and the years that follow will have a service that is quality. I was able to view the APHA World show webcast here in Fort Worth with ease. Their webcasting had great visual clarity, great audio and was VERY user friendly to boot. Their organization does not have near the membership and/or the dollars that AQHA garners and yet they were able to provide their members and the viewing public a great webcast. Thank you for your assistance and we all look forward to many much needed improvements.

  46. Just wanted to voice my opinion on the terrible broadcasting of the live webcam for the World show. I have friends showing that I was looking forward to watching. I’ve logged on many times to find no sound, or no live feed at all while a class was going on. The quality of the cam is terrible. I watched the World ApHC show this year on their live webcam and have for a few years and by far it was a thousand times better. AQHA needs to step it up a notch so that they are above and beyond the best association from one end of the bar to the other.

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